But my friends call me "Thor"

Today on the bus, I overheard the following verbal transaction take place on the driver-to-driver CB radio:

“Swordfish, this is Eagle. Over.”

I missed the response, but c’mon, I can actually picture the drivers hanging out in the break room, arguing over code names–“But I always have to be Chipmunk! Why can’t I be Panther, just this once?”

Yes. I want a codename, and badly. I keep trying to get them to call me “Thor” at work, but nobody seems to go for it. Guess it’d be pretty intimidating to have someone named Thor polishing your teeth, but honestly–Thea* is Greek for “goddess”, and what’s less intimidating about that?

*And, in case you keep trying to call me “Thee-ah” in your head, you better think again. Just because I can’t figure out how to key in the accent above the “e” doesn’t mean it’s not there–it’s “Thay-uh”. Rhymes with “Princess Leia” (“goddess”, “princess”…hmm).


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